A tree layout displays nodes and edges as a hierarchy branching from one or more nodes you select.

To display a tree layout:

  1. Open the Layout panel, and select the Tree tab.

  2. Select one or more nodes to be the first level of the branching hierarchy.

  3. Click Apply to show the tree hierarchy.

    Use the Axis slider to increase or decrease the size of the tree view.

  4. Click Reset to return to the view you started with.

To change the hierarchy of nodes in a tree view:

  1. Add (Shift+left mouse click drag) or subtract (Alt+left mouse click drag) nodes.

  2. Click Apply.
    The new set of nodes you have selected are now used as the first level in the tree hierarchy.

If you close the Layout Panel without resetting the view, a green Reset flag appears next to the Layout panel icon. You can click this Reset flag to revert to the view you started with.