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Saving Data to Neo4j

If your project is connected to a Neo4j database, and you have the necessary user privileges on the Neo4j database, you can save data to it. You will be prompted to:

  • Review categories and their properties that exist in the graph space, and set a key for each.

  • Specify the location and user details for the database.

To save to a Neo4j database:

  1. Go to the Projects panel and Data tab, and click Save Neo4j.

  2. Review the list of categories and their properties that exist in the graph. For each category, you must set one of the properties as a Key by clicking the + (plus) icon next to the property in the list.

  3. Enter the following details, then click Save to Neo4j.
    Neo4j Hostname
    Bolt Port
    Database Name (for Neo4j-4 only)

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