Introducing GraphXR

GraphXR is a browser-based visualization application that brings unprecedented speed and flexibility to the exploration of graph data. In GraphXR data are represented as nodes connected by edges in an interactive virtual 3D graph space.

With GraphXR you can:

  • Seamlessly import graph data from a graph database or other source (Neo4j via Cypher, RDBMS via SQL, CSV, JSON, Azure DB via Gremlin, etc.).

  • Navigate, select, and edit data efficiently in the graph environment.

  • Model data dynamically using data mapping, and a powerful suite of data transforms.

  • Explore graph connections through widely used graph algorithms, including PageRank and Shortest Path.

  • Visualize data in the graph space through parametric and geometric layouts, geospatial mapping, and time series display.

  • Save, share, and export data as a view, snapshot, Neo4j database, or flat table.

Supported Environments




  • The GraphXR client runs best in Google Chrome. Compatibility with other browsers may vary.

  • The GraphXR client includes beta support for Virtual Reality (VR) hardware in the Google Chrome browser via WebXR.

  • GraphXR Cloud and Pro editions support local and cloud storage. In addition, GraphXR Enterprise is available via on-premises or private cloud deployments.

For more information, please contact Kineviz.

New in GraphXR 2.12

The GraphXR 2.12 release includes user interface re-design and new functionality as follows:

  • User Interface. Although organization of GraphXR functionality in panels and tabs is unchanged, the redesigned UI greatly improves readability, consistency, and ease of use.

  • Captions for Edges. Captions based on properties of a relationship can now be displayed using checkboxes in the Project panel and Relationship tab. For a property with numerical values, an edge width proportional to the property value can be displayed.

  • Search and Select in a Table. In a Table, a Select All button is provided to select the results of a search.

  • Quick Info toggle. The content toolbar now includes a Quick Info icon, enabling you to toggle the Quick Info rollover window on and off. Previously this was controlled solely via the checkbox in the Project panel and Settings tab.

  • Extensions including:

    • Visual Query Builder. Build no-code Cypher queries on a connected Neo4j database.

    • Grove (beta release). An Observable application for customizing data access and display in a javascript notebook environment.

    • For Pro or Enterprise subscriptions, limited release extensions for importing data from RDBMS, document, or mixed data sources.

Deprecated in v. 2.12:

  • The Annotate toolbar icon.