GraphXR provides the capability to explore and select data efficiently in the project graph space.

To navigate the graph on the desktop you can:

  • Use mouse and/or keyboard hotkeys to pan, rotate, and zoom in and out of the view.

  • Use Center To and Fly Out icons on the context toolbar to reposition your view of the graph.

  • Use full-text keyword search on properties of the graph data to select and fly to an individual node.

  • Open a Table to fly to a node or edge (but not select it).

To select data in the graph space you can:

  • Use mouse and/or keyboard hotkeys to select nodes or groups of nodes, and to add or subtract from your selection.

  • Use Select Visible (or the Select All hotkey Ctrl +A) to select all currently visible nodes in the graph space.

  • Use the list items in the Legend to select all nodes of any category or tag, or any listed property value, or to select all the edges of a relationship.

  • Use Trace Neighbor to select all the nodes with a specific number of connections to a selected node.

  • Use Inverse to select all the nodes not in the current selection (Ctrl + R).

  • Hide data temporarily:

    • Use Hide Selection to hide selected nodes temporarily, and Un-Hide Selection to restore hidden nodes.

    • Deselect the Visible checkbox for a category or relationship to temporarily hide nodes of a category or edges of a relationship.

    • Select the Exclude checkbox for any property of a category or relationship to temporarily exclude it from the data.

  • Filter data by any numerical property, including Date and Time, using multiple composable filters.

  • Use Tag to save and label any selection of nodes.

  • Use an Enhanced Table to select, edit, and export selected data.