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Pinning and Releasing Nodes

Layouts (and the geospatial mapping provided in the Map panel) rely on the ability to fix, or Pin nodes in 3D space in various specific ways, and to Release the pinned nodes when desired. Pinning locks selected nodes to their current relative positions in the graph space.

A pin icon displays on all pinned nodes. While this can be useful, you can hide the icons using the Hide Pin Icon checkbox in Project>Settings.

GraphXR automatically pins nodes when you:

  • Reposition nodes using mouse controls.

  • Apply specific geometric or geospatial layouts. Geometrically locked nodes remain pinned until you release them, or select the Force geometry, which releases all pinned nodes. Nodes with geospatial coordinates that you drop onto a map using the Map panel are pinned according to their latitude/longitude coordinates and the 3D perspective you choose. Nodes pinned to a map are released when you select Hide Map.

You can manually pin or release pinned nodes by selecting the nodes and using the toolbar’s Pin/Release toggle (Ctrl+P), or the right-click contextual menu’s Actions> Pin or Release options.

To pin and release one or more nodes:

  1. Select one or more nodes and click the Pin icon on the context toolbar, or select Actions>Pin from the right-click menu.

    The selected nodes will be pinned (in addition to any already pinned nodes).

  2. To release, select one or more pinned nodes. The Pin icon changes to Release.

  3. Click the Release icon, or select Actions>Release from the right-click menu to release the selected pinned nodes and return them to the default force-directed layout.

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