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Exporting Data as a CSV Archive or Excel Workbook

You can export any graph state as a CSV archive of flat files or as an Excel workbook. You might do this to export data to another application, or simply to create an external archive. Exported files are given the project name.

  • A CSV archive has a .zip extension:

  • An Excel workbook has an .xlsx extension: GOT_Intro.xlsx

To save a GXRF or Excel archive:

  1. Click the Project panel and the Data tab.

  2. Click either Save CSV or Save Excel.

Once saved, the file name is added to the bottom of the Chrome browser window, and you can load it by drag and drop from there. Or you can locate a CSV zip archive or Excel workbook on your system and drag and drop to load it.

Data from a .zip archive or Excel workbook is loaded in a default force layout. To preserve a specific layout, you can create and export a Snapshot archive or GXRF file.

You can also export data from a single GraphXR Enhanced Table as a CSV or Excel file.

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