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Changing the Category of Nodes

From the right-click Actions>Change Category menu, nodes can be assigned to a new or existing category. This lets you combine nodes that have similar or identical properties, but different category names into a single category.

Change Category cannot be undone using Ctrl-Z. Before using Change Category, take a snapshot, save a data view, or save a GXRF file to enable quick recovery from a mistaken change.

To change the category of selected nodes:

  1. Select nodes using any method.

  2. Right-click and choose Actions>Change Category.

  3. In the Change Category dialog, select an existing category the nodes will be assigned, or enter a new category name.

  4. Click Change to apply the change, or Cancel.
    The nodes will be labeled with the new category.
    All the properties of the selected nodes will be transferred to the selected category. An existing category would therefore include both the existing and newly added properties.

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