Introducing GraphXR

GraphXR is a browser-based visualization application that brings unprecedented speed and flexibility to the exploration of graph data. In GraphXR data are represented as nodes connected by edges in an interactive virtual 3D graph space.

With GraphXR you can:

  • Seamlessly import graph data from a graph database or other source (Neo4j via Cypher, RDBMS via SQL, CSV, JSON, Azure DB via Gremlin, etc.).

  • Navigate, select, and edit data efficiently in the graph environment.

  • Model data dynamically using data mapping, and a powerful suite of data transforms.

  • Explore graph connections through widely used graph algorithms, including PageRank and Shortest Path.

  • Visualize data in the graph space through parametric and geometric layouts, geospatial mapping, and time series display.

  • Save, share, and export data as a view, snapshot, Neo4j database, or flat table.

Supported Environments




  • The GraphXR client runs best in Google Chrome. Compatibility with other browsers may vary.

  • The GraphXR client includes beta support for Virtual Reality (VR) hardware in the Google Chrome browser via WebXR.

  • GraphXR Cloud and Pro editions support local and cloud storage. In addition, GraphXR Enterprise is available via on-premises or private cloud deployments.

For more information, please contact Kineviz.

New in GraphXR 2.13

The GraphXR 2.13 release includes user interface re-design and new functionality as follows:

  • Multiline property values. You can now enter more than one property value for a property of a node or edge, and these can be displayed in captions. Property values for new node or edge can be entered in Add Node or Add Edge dialog boxes, and new properties and multiline values for an existing node or edge can be entered or edited on the fly in its Information panel.

  • Collect Nodes / Explode Collections. The content toolbar includes a Collect Nodes icon to create a special collection node which includes nodes with just one connection to another node. Items in a collection can be inspected, removed, and added back. The Explode Collection icon removes all nodes from selected collections. This replaces and extends functionality previously provided through temporary leaf trimming supernodes.

  • Take Screenshot. The content toolbar includes a Take Screenshot icon to take a .png screenshot of the graph space leaving out the toolbar and any open panel.

  • Node Caption Position. The Settings panel lets you set the position of node captions to the right, left, top, or bottom of the node.

  • Show Relationship Name. The Settings panel provides a checkbox to display the the relationship on edges in the graph.

  • Chinese language support. You can choose to display the GraphXR user interface with either English or Chinese language labels.

  • For Enterprise subscriptions, limited release extensions for connecting to specific external data sources, or importing data from RDBMS, document, or mixed data sources.

Deprecated in v. 2.13:

  • The Leaf Trimming toolbar icon. (Basic leaf trimming is available using the Ctrl + L hotkey).