In this Session…

Before you begin…

  • Adjusting the display of nodes and edges: size, weight, color, captions, and images.

  • Setting the Dark / Light theme.

  • Show or Hide Snapshots or Info panels.

To follow along, download:




How To GraphXR: Module 7. Preferences


Before You Begin…

Ideally, you’ll have worked through Module 6. Shortcut.

If you’re starting here, and you want to follow along, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to GraphXR , create a Project, and open its graph space.

  • Download starting data (HowTo_07_START.graphxr) for this module, and drag and drop it onto the graph space. 


The Project panel lets you set preferences for your project’s data display. Choose the Category  tab to configure nodes. 


Select a category, and check a property that will be used to define Avatar URL, Caption, and Node Size (with numerical properties). Check Exclude to hide a property.


The Relationship tab allows you to configure the  edges for individual relationships. Select a relationship, then choose a color and set the Visible checkbox to show or hide its edges.


Property values for categories and relationships are automatically assigned separate colors. Go to the Property tab in the Legend and select a property name. Then click the colored dot next to a property value to select a new color.


You can also use scaled color intensity to color property values. Select a property, then click the Use Scale Color checkbox and select a color set from the dropdown menu.


The Project => Settings tab provides controls to configure display of all nodes and edges, and to show or hide Snapshots, Info Panels, and Multi-Language Captions


Auto Show Image shows or hides any avatar urls. Node Size Scale and Caption Size Scale sliders adjust the size of nodes and of their text labels, while the Edge Width Scale slider adjusts edge thickness. The Fog Density slider makes nodes and edges that are further away appear less visible. 


Use Curve Line displays curved rather than straight–line edges, and Hide Arrow hides the arrow endpoints on all edges.


Click the Theme toggle to switch between a dark or light background for your graph space. 

Next Steps…