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6. Shortcut

In this Session…

Before you begin…

  • Using Shortcut to simplify a graph pattern.

To follow along, download the snapshots library:



How To GraphXR 6. Shortcut


Before You Begin…

Ideally, you’ll have worked through Module 5. Aggregate and Merge. If you’re starting here, and you want to follow along, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to GraphXR, create a Project, and open its graph space. 

  • Download the starting snapshot library (HowTo_06_START.graphxrsnapshots) for this module and drag and drop it onto the graph space. 


Before working with the Shortcut transform, we’ll load the snapshot we took in our previous session right before merging. Click the expand/collapse arrow in the Snapshots title bar, then click the snapshot’s cloud icon.


The current graph connects Character nodes to Lines nodes, and Lines to Episodes. We’ll use the Shortcut transform to create a direct relationship between characters and the episodes in which they appeared.


We’ll shortcut the SPOKE-Lines-SPOKEN_ON pattern with a new APPEARED_ON relationship connecting Characters to Episodes.


Open the Transform panel and Shortcut tab. To create a shortcut, you must first select at least one center node of an edge-node-edge pattern. 
Click Lines in the legend to select the central Lines nodes.


Select the SPOKE-Lines-SPOKEN_ON pattern and enter the new APPEARED_ON relationship. Click the Directional Edge checkbox. We could copy properties from Lines to APPEARED_ON, but here we don’t need to. Now click Run.


The new APPEARED_ON  relationship is added. Now we can simplify the graph by removing the Lines nodes and the connected SPOKE and SPOKEN_ON edges.


Click Category on the Legend and Lines to select all Lines nodes and press the delete key, or click the Delete icon.


We’ve now re-modeled the graph to focus on connections between characters and episodes. Save a snapshot. We’ll continue with this graph in Module 7. Preferences.

Next Steps…

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