In this Session…

Before you begin…

  • Adding nodes and edges

  • Using Leaf Trimming

  • Using an Enhanced Table to edit and export data.

To follow along, download:




How To GraphXR 11. Editing


Before You Begin…

Ideally, you’ll have worked through Module 10. Algorithms. If you’re starting here, and you want to follow along, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to GraphXR , create a Project, and open its graph space.

  • Download starting data (HowTo_11_START.graphxr and the starting snapshot library HowTo_11_START.graphxrsnapshots) for this module and drag and drop it onto the graph space.  

  • Optionally, download the file, which contains the Game of Thrones data we’re using in our tutorials.


You can edit existing data or create new data in the graph space.  Add Node adds one new node at a time, while Add Edge lets you add one or more edges at a time.  You can enter new properties and their values. And you can delete nodes and edges at any time.  


To add a node, click Add Node. If you choose an existing category, you can enter values for any of its properties. You can also enter new property names and enter values for them.  Click Create to see your new node.


We’ve created a new House node. You can also create an entirely new category for a node and enter its properties.


To add edges between nodes, first select one or more source nodes and click Add Edge. Enter a new relationship name or select an existing one.


Click as Source to set your selected nodes as the source. Now select one or more target nodes and click as Target. If the relationship needs to go in the opposite direction, click Switch. Define any new property names and enter their values. Then click Create to see your new edges.


The selected Character nodes are now connected to the selected House node by new belongs_to edges.


To remove selected nodes and their edges, you can click the Delete icon or your keyboard delete key at any time.


Leaf Trimming collapses selected nodes with only one relationship into a single super node and super relationship. This lets you simplify a graph quickly.  Select the House category to select all its nodes, and click the Leaf Trimming icon.


Character nodes attached to the House node by only one edge are now collapsed into 3 separate Character supernodes. You can then either delete one or more of the supernodes, or, with the House nodes still selected, click Leaf Trimming again to restore the collapsed nodes.


You can also display your graph data in a table format and edit it directly. Open the Table panel to display your graph data in a table format. To edit, click Enhanced Table.


The Enhanced Table editor lets you edit all your graph data. Individual values can be updated, individual nodes and edges can be added and removed, and node and edge properties can be edited and removed.

Next Steps…