Release Date: Feb 7, 2022

The GraphXR 2.13.0 release includes new features and user interface design, added browser and system support, and deprecated interface elements.

In GraphXR, click About at the bottom of the browser page, then click on the current release tag to display a digest of features introduced in current and past releases.

New Features 2.13.0

  • Collection Nodes. Special collection nodes for a selection of data can be created by clicking the new Collect Nodes toolbar icon. Collections consist of the nodes connected by one edge of a single relationship to another node. Nodes included in a collection can be inspected, removed, and added back. The new Explode Collection toolbar icon removes all nodes from selected collection nodes.

    This feature helps simplify the patterns in graph data. It replaces and greatly extends functionality previously provided by temporary leaf trimming supernodes.

  • Full 2D Mode. In the Force layout tab, setting the dimension slider all the way to 2D now sets the layout to a fully flattened 2D mode.

  • Screen Capture tool. The Take Screenshot icon on the toolbar takes a .png screenshot of the entire graph space that includes the legend, but leaves out the menu bar, toolbar and any open panel.

  • Blend Edges. The Settings panel includes a checkbox to display lighter hues when multiple edges are stacked on top of each other so that they will appear brighter.

  • Show Relationship Name. The Settings panel includes a checkbox to show or hide the relationship name on all edges in the graph.

  • Caption orientation. The Node Caption Position menu on the Settings panel lets you set the position of node captions to the right, left, top, or bottom of the node, either center or left justified.

  • Alternate Caption Rendering. The Settings panel includes a checkbox to display captions using an alternate rendering that may be more legible than the default rendering at very small text sizes. However the number of captions rendered at one time is limited.

  • Edge captions. Captions based on properties of a relationship can be displayed on its edges, using the Caption checkbox for the relationship and property in the Project panel and Relationship tab.

  • Multiline property support. You can now enter more than one property value for a property of a node or edge. In captions, these will be displayed on separate lines. Multiple property values for a new node or edge can be entered in Add Node or Add Edge dialog boxes, and new properties and multiline values for an existing node or edge can be entered or edited on the fly in an Information panel.

  • Project name is displayed in the Data tab.

  • Chinese language support. A menu on the Project page lets you choose to display the GraphXR user interface with either English or Chinese language labels.

Removed 2.13.0

  • The Leaf Trimming toolbar icon, and Leaf Trimming supernodes. Basic leaf trimming is still available using the Ctrl + L hotkey.

  • Project> Settings > Multi-Language checkbox. All captions now accept the full UTF-8 character set.

Extensions 2.13.0

  • Visual Query Builder. Build Cypher queries using no-code building blocks.

    • Bug fixes.

  • Grove (beta-release). Observable-inspired in-app javascript notebook.

    • Continuing UI and API development

  • For Enterprise subscriptions, limited release extensions may be available for connecting to specific external data sources, or importing data from RDBMS, document, or mixed data sources.

Supported Environments 2.13.0




  • The GraphXR client runs best in Google Chrome; works in Safari. Compatibility with other browsers may vary.

  • The GraphXR client includes beta support for Virtual Reality (VR) hardware in the Google Chrome browser via WebXR.

  • GraphXR Cloud supports local and cloud storage. In addition, GraphXR Enterprise is available via on-premises or private cloud deployments.

For more information, please contact Kineviz.